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The Whirlwind Begins

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

So it's finally February, 2018, a month that I thought would never get here. The day -- the day -- I've been waiting for, February 27th, once seemed so far away. And now it's mere weeks away.

When my editor first told me the intended publication day for ONE GOAL, I will admit that I blanched a bit. February? For a soccer book? How could that work?

But this book, as we have always known, is about so much more than soccer. And I cannot imagine a better moment in American life for the story of the Lewiston Blue Devils to be out there.

All of the things that go into getting a book into readers' hands are starting to get into gear. The TODAY show's Jenna Bush Hager just finished a stint up in Lewiston talking to players and coaches, the key characters of the book; I sat down with the show about two weeks ago to do my part. This week, I start taping some radio interviews, from regional to NPR, and am busy answering the questions of bloggers and podcasts and the like.

And, of course, we are booking events to support the book. I am launching right here at home, at my local Barnes & Noble (did you see the ad in the New York Times?), before I hit the road.

Where's the longest stint? Maine, of course.

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