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One Goal Book
One Goal by Amy Bass


In the tradition of Friday Night Lights, ONE GOAL tells the inspiring story of the soccer team in a town bristling with racial tension that united Somali refugees and multi-generation Mainers in their quest for state--and ultimately national--glory.  Taking readers behind the tumult of this controversial team--and onto the pitch where the teammates vied to become state champions and achieved a vital sense of understanding--ONE GOAL is a timely story about overcoming the prejudices that divide us.

                         "Deftly reported and unflinchingly told." -- S.L. Price, SI Senior Writer

Not the Triumph but the Struggle by Amy Bass
Not the Triumph but the Struggle


"Amy Bass's powerful and nuanced account of the Olympic Project for Human Rights gives us the story behind this picture-a story that will change our conception of the history of sport and racial politics." -Robin D. G. Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams

"Beautifully written, as well as appropriately complex and wide-ranging. As much as sports might appear to be a straight-ahead business, where the 'best' might be rightly rewarded, Bass deftly reveals the difficulties of maintaining a sense of self, collective consciousness, and political urgency." -Philadelphia City Paper

Not the Triumph Book
Those About Him Remained Silent by Amy Bass
Those About Him Remained Silent


Honorable Mention from the National Council on Public History

"Amy Bass’s excellent history of ‘un-American activities’ in a pleasant New England town is another cautionary illustration of the banality of evil: in this case, the long, willful distortion of the progressive legacy of their greatest native son." —David Levering Lewis, Pulitzer Prize winner for W. E. B. Du Bois:

"As one who also once searched for remembrance of Du Bois in Great Barrington nearly in vain, I find this book a bracing revelation. This is a startling and important tale of social denial, of erased historical memory, and a hidden past now coming to light." —David W. Blight, author of Race and Reunion

Those About Him Book
In the Game by Amy Bass
In the Game


"Hard-hitting and well-researched, Amy Bass has put together a book that peels back the layers and looks inside the sports world we love." - Dan Shaughnessy, author, Reversing the Curse

In the Game Book
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