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Listen to Athletes

In between two nor'easters, I headed up to Ithaca this past week to give the Seymour Lecture at Cornell University. The lecture happened to fall on International Women's Day, which was appropriate -- I was the first woman to give this lecture at Cornell. It was a lovely few days up in Ithaca.

My jaunt started with a reading of ONE GOAL at Buffalo Street Books, followed by a guest appearance the next morning in the history class of Dr. Lawrence Glickman, where I got to talk about politics and the Olympics.

For the Seymour Lecture, my talk -- entitled "Listen to Athletes for a Change -- focused on sports and political activism. It was the first time I have located ONE GOAL, which is my first attempt at narrative non-fiction, within my broader academic work.

I am very appreciative to Dr. Glickman and the history department at Cornell for a delightful four days chatting with faculty and students, signing books, and enjoying a respite from dark, powerless neighborhood.

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Mar 04, 2019

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Carol Hill
Carol Hill
Feb 23, 2019

It is a great book indeed, very motivational for all the sports person.

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