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John Branch

I have been so grateful for all of the fantastic early press about ONE GOAL, from the starred review from Kirkus to Booklist dubbing the book "engrossing" and using other fantastic words to describe it. Some of my favorite writers -- Brian Phillips, S.L. Price, Jeff Pearlman, Shireen Ahmed, and so many others -- endorsed the book, and their glowing words will appear on the cover. But last night, in the midst of the backlash surrounding Donald Trump using the word "shithole" to describe countries in Africa (and elsewhere), I saw this tweet:

I can't think of higher praise. Branch, who won the Pulitzer for his epic "Snowfall" -- a piece I taught this past fall to my MFA students -- is a writer I really look up to. Generous and brilliant (and with his second book coming out this spring, The Last Cowboys, preorder now!), his praise means a lot. Maybe even more than my mother's. Now I guess we'll find out if she reads my blog.

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