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Holding it in my Hands

My daughter and husband greeted me at the door holding a large manilla envelope. I knew what was inside. UPS had taken away the suspense by letting me know that a package was coming from Hachette, my publisher.

It was the book. The first copy of the book. My copy of the book.

I knew that it was time. Today is exactly one month out -- four weeks to publication day. Books will be sent out to major media hubs, reviewers, and, well, me. Accompanied by a lovely note from my editor, who has been by my side for the last two years as this story poured out of me, it was finally here.

Not a single page of it was a surprise. Not the cover. Not the gorgeous photo insert in the middle. Not the words of praise or the dedication or the names or the places. None of it. But seeing it all together, stroking its stunning matte cover, noticing for the first time that the colors of the Lewiston Blue Devils and Somalia's flag -- blue and white -- are the same (how did I miss that?), opening and closing it just because I could.....

It was good. It's here. And exactly one month from today, I will let it go into the world.

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