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When Writing Becomes Reading

Writing ONE GOAL has been an incredible journey, one that in many ways is just beginning. While it is my fourth book, in so many ways it is my first -- a departure from my previous work as I tried to figure out the best, most accessible, way to tell this tale. In many ways, I started over, reading books about writing ("Why are you doing that?" so many friends and colleagues asked) and talking to writer friends about their craft.

It has been, to say the least, an adventure.

While the book is in the last stages of production -- a process that halted when the Blue Devils went and won another state championship a few weeks ago, something that necessitated the addition of an 800-word postscript -- early reviews and endorsements have been coming in.

I'd forgotten about that part. Reviews. As galleys -- uncorrected proofs (see photo) -- get sent out, the publishing industry starts to comment. It is a nerve-wracking process. After the first one came in (and from the daunting folks at Kirkus Reviews, no less) I thought it would get easier. It was overwhelmingly positive, and received a rare "Kirkus star," an honor bestowed on a mere ten percent of the thousands of books the publication comments on.

But it doesn't get easier. As the book goes out, and more people read it, I have to let it go. I am so grateful, heartened, that early praise has been so positive -- Booklist, Publisher's Weekly, and so on and so forth. But it doesn't get easier. It's just what happens when writing becomes reading.

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