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Strange Days

Living near the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, migrating all of my classes into online curriculum for remote learning, and trying to wrap my head around the cancellation of just about every form of sport in the United States -- it's a lot to think about. I wrote about some of it for CNN (What an America -- or a world -- Looks Like Without Sports) but mostly I've been hunkering down with my family, trying to avoid physical/social interaction, and bolstering up the spirits of my students, many of whom are facing online learning that they didn't choose, or spring seasons that won't be played.

In the midst of creating online lectures and discussion forums and power points with audio, I decided to have a little fun with it. Since these last few weeks have increasingly felt like living in a movie (and we can only hope that Dustin Hoffman finds that damn monkey), I decided we needed a trailer. So I made this for my students, hopefully to get our spirits up, focus on the positive, and try to make the best of whatever happens with this situation that the world is in. I wish everyone healthy days, clean hands, and full hearts.

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