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Play Like a Girl

There's a sports clip that's gone viral, and I can't stop watching it. It's got nothing to do with the Astros beating down on the Yankees or Gordon Hayward's gruesome...ugh -- I can't even talk about it. The clip is from the cutthroat world (I'm not being sarcastic) of high school volleyball in Decatur, Texas. Senior Autumn Finney leaps and curves to save a ball that most anyone else would have considered out of play. Using what can only be described as super human powers (seriously -- get this young woman a cape), she digs as deep as any athlete ever has to power the ball back in bounds and over the net, her team eventually winning the point.

Take a look at Deadspin's take. This athlete defies all laws of physics to get this done (and I don't even know a whole lot about physics to know that).

There are a lot of colloquial phrases in sports that are used to signify how the performances of girls are less than that of their male counterparts. Run like a girl. Throw like a girl. Play like a girl. Women in sports are constantly in an uphill battle to be that much better in order to be equal. Even the greatest athlete of a generation, Serena Williams, can't win even when she wins. But here's a new one:

Play volleyball like a girl.

Bet you wish you could.

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