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One Month from Today

We are now one month out from the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. In my past life, I would be cramming my head full of information about athletes, events, and probable outcomes, preparing for my role as head of the Research Room for NBC. But I now leave that to others (my last Winter Games was Vancouver -- see photo!), as my eyes are looking past the Olympic Games to the publication date of ONE GOAL.

But I still love the Olympics.

The big headline this morning is that North Korea will send a delegation to the Olympics. The decision came after historic talks with South Korea, something that hadn't happened in over two years. There is still discussion that the two Koreas might march together in the Opening Ceremony, something they have done before, but details regarding North Korea's level of participation still remain foggy.

Setting aside the global politics that always seem to make each Olympics the most interesting ever (remember what everyone said about Sochi? I do -- I even wrote about it), the Olympics fascinate me from a purely "sport" point of view. The PyeongChang Games, for example, will feature six new events: curling mixed doubles, an Alpine team event, speed skating with a mass start (women and men), and snowboard big air (women and men). Ski jumping and luge will take place at night, under the lights, creating an unprecedented spectacle on the mountain.

The day after the Opening, medals will start flying fast and furious in cross-country skiing, curling, short track speed skating, ski jumping, biathlon (you know, skiing and guns), and speed skating. It's an opportunity to watch sports we don't often get to see (at least in the United States) and learn about athletes from around the world. It's an opportunity to see North and South Korea in the same space at the same time. My father always told me to never turn down an opportunity. So I will be watching. Waiting for ONE GOAL. And enjoying the Olympics.

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